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Relieve Pain and Restore Function with Physiotherapy Taping Treatments

If an injury, overuse, or chronic issue has caused pain and mobility problems, taping may help improve function and accelerate healing.

Here at Bounty Physio, our physiotherapists use a variety of therapeutic taping techniques as part of comprehensive treatment programs.

Taping involves strategically applying strips of elastic cotton tape to pull the skin and soft tissues in ways that relieve pain, support muscles, and improve alignment. The tape can be stretched to facilitate mobility while providing constant gentle support.

From acute injuries to chronic conditions, taping is a simple yet effective adjunct to hands-on physiotherapy for enhanced outcomes. Our skilled therapists determine optimal taping applications customised to your unique needs.

How Does Physiotherapy Taping Work?

Taping produces multiple therapeutic effects:

  • Lifting the skin slightly decompresses underlying tissues to improve circulation and drainage. This reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain.
  • Taping between muscle compartments separates and realigns the tissues.
  • It limits certain motions while enabling others to improve biomechanics.
  • Proprioceptive feedback improves joint control and position sense.
  • Reminder to avoid certain movements protects injured or unstable areas.
  • May facilitate muscle recruitment and strength.

These benefits make taping helpful during all stages of injury recovery and for various orthopaedic conditions.

When Is Taping Used?

Taping has wide applications for issues like:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendinopathies
  • Arthritis
  • Post-surgical conditions
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Overuse injuries
  • Poor posture
  • Motor control problems

It can support weakened muscles, align joints, reduce load on injured structures, re-train movement patterns and much more. Custom taping applications address each patient’s unique presentation and goals.

What Are the Benefits of Physiotherapy Taping?

Advantages of taping over other treatment approaches include:

  • Drug-free pain relief and healing
  • Immediate improvements in pain and function
  • Non-restrictive – Allows full mobility
  • Well-tolerated by most people
  • Can be worn continuously for days
  • Supplementary support with activity
  • Easily combined with exercise and other therapies
  • Enhances proprioception/kinesthesia
  • Inexpensive self-care option

Taping empowers patients to take an active role in managing their condition.

What Happens During Taping Treatment?

Your physiotherapist will first assess your condition to determine optimal taping applications. They will then apply tape strips strategically to the affected muscles, joints or limbs.

Different taping techniques your therapist may use include:

  • Lymphatic drainage – To enhance circulation and swelling reduction
  • Fascial correction – Smooths fascial restrictions
  • Neuromuscular – Facilitates muscle recruitment
  • Mechanical correction – Provides alignment support
  • Movement restriction – Limits painful motions
  • Space correction – Decompresses tissues

The tape usually remains in place 3-5 days before being changed. Your therapist will advise on tape care and modifications to enhance outcomes.

How Many Taping Sessions Are Needed?

For acute conditions, taping may be utilised for just a few weeks during the initial healing phase. Chronic issues and instability often benefit from longer term taping over many weeks or months.

Your physiotherapist will determine the appropriate taping duration based on your response and progress with rehabilitation. Maintenance taping may provide ongoing support during periods of increased activity.

Why Choose Bounty Physio for Taping?

Our physiotherapists complete specialised training in taping principles and techniques for optimal utilisation. Benefits of taping with us include:

  • Broad expertise – We use taping extensively for diverse orthopaedic and sports injuries.
  • Custom applications – Your unique goals and presentation determine tape placement.
  • Latest techniques – We integrate the most current medical taping practices.
  • Progressive protocols – Taping is just one component of comprehensive treatment.
  • Emphasis on education – We explain proper taping procedures so you can self-manage.
  • Evidence-based practice – Our techniques are supported by research.
  • Caring approach – We ensure your comfort and keep you informed about the treatment rationale.

Experience the Benefits of Therapeutic Taping

If pain or instability are interfering with your function, therapeutic taping may help improve mobility and accelerate healing.

Contact us today to see how taping can benefit your condition!

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Please proceed to our Contact page, provide your details in the enquiry form, and our team will promptly get in touch. Or, you may also schedule an appointment right away on our Booking page.

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